Jade Regent

The Brinewall Legacy

After valiantly conquering the troublesome Licktoad Tribe in Brinestump Marsh and exploring the caves in the swamp, our brave adventurers uncovered a secret which had been lying dormant for decades. Upon returning to Sandpoint, it was revealed that the Kaijitsu family has a much more mysterious past than anyone suspected: even the eldest surviving member, Ameiko.
Although Ameiko’s adventuring days are years behind, the bard could not ignore the allure of her family’s buried secrets, especially since it appears to have brought her lineage to the brink of ruin. With the support of her friends, especially Sandru Vhiski, a plan has been set in motion that will take a caravan to the northernmost reaches of Varisia where the long-abandoned settlement of Brinewall lies waiting. What dangers will the heroes from Sandpoint face along the way and what is the source mysterious shroud has covered Brinewall for so many years?

Currently on (permanent) hiatus.

Hammer's Jade Regent

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